Michael Diettrich-Chastain is the founder and CEO of Arc Integrated, an independent Organizational Consulting and Professional Coaching practice in Asheville, NC. Through a focus on emotional intelligence, leadership and communication, Arc Integrated empowers leaders, teams and organizations to achieve optimum performance in work and life.

As a consultant, Michael has helped organizational leaders and teams improve retention, productivity, sales and culture. Michael focuses on improving employee engagement, bettering leadership and sustaining high performing teams. He has spoken and facilitated internationally on leadership, change management, team building, communication, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, self-care and other topics.

As a Professional Coach, Michael works with clients to reduce stress, improve communication, increase engagement and enhance leadership skills. Michaels writing can be seen on Livestrong, Time, Money, Monster, About, Entrepreneur and The Washington Post. His first book, “CHANGES – The Busy Professional’s Guide to Reducing Stress, Accomplishing Goals and Mastering Adaptability” was released on May 7th, 2019 and became a #1 best seller in multiple categories.

Michael enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, listening to podcasts and has been studying and teaching at a martial arts school for more than 13 years. Michael often incorporates philosophies from martial arts study into his work with leaders, teams and organizations.

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