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May 7 – 8, 2018

Two life-changing days to ignite your passions, fuel your existence, create purpose, help others and be part of a lifelong global community.

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The Passion Summit is for those who want to live life, see life, DO life with more passion and purpose

Are you struggling to find your purpose?

Do you have ideas that could change your life but you don’t know how to execute them?

Do you want to lose weight or improve your health?

Do you want to make more money but make it by doing something that you love?

THE PASSION SUMMIT will give you what you need to solve those problems and create a life you LOVE!

Two days that will forever change your life as we explore individual and group passions, create a supportive global community and learn to live life to its fullest while giving back to others. This summit will bring you world class speakers, impactful content, a networking costume party you will not want to miss, a passion village to entice the senses both personally and professionally while providing tools, products, and resources to support the attendee’s personal growth, mindfulness, health and business goals, bonding together while helping others, and building lifelong relationships. This is not just a motivational speaker conference, but a springboard to you living your life with more passion, purpose, and fulfillment than you ever thought possible.


headshot_carey-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Carey Smolensky

Entrepreneur & Author
headshot_hal_elrod-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Hal Elrod

Author, The Miracle Morning
headshot_patricia_moreno-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Patricia Moreno

International Speaker
headshot_mary_dee-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Mary Dee

Chief Fun Officer, The Madlove Agency
headshot_jon_vroman-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Jon Vroman

Co-Founder, Front Row Foundation
headshot_emily_baker-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Emily Baker

Founder, Ask A Lawyer Now
headshot_allysa_seely-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Allysa Seely

Professional Triathlete
headshot_alex_hayden-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

Alex Hayden

Founder, Real Results Academy
headshot_john_israel-200x200 Motivational Speaker Conference

John "Izzy" Israel

AKA Mr. Thank You

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How It Began

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Carey Smolensky, author of Living Life With PASSION and Helping Others, is a dynamic businessman, event producer, multi-faceted entertainer, and entrepreneur who was born in Chicago, Illinois. Carey began his family of companies four decades ago and is constantly challenging himself. He believes that change is the key to innovation and is constantly evolving both personally and professionally to continually live his life with passion. The Passion Summit is the next logical step in sharing the ability of living life passionately while helping others. Carey’s goal of creating a passion community is just the beginning of being able to support each other while thriving personally and helping others achieve their dreams.


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Location + Lodging

The Passion Summit will take place May 7 – 8, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL. For directions to the venue, as well as information about booking your stay, click the button below.

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