Emily has been a practicing attorney for 11 years and worked for over 10 years as a Los Angeles County District Attorney. One of the reasons Emily chose public service for her law career was a desire to help people and to lend her voice to those who needed it. That is where the desire to start Ask A Lawyer came from. In 2017, Emily became the CEO and founder of Ask A Lawyer Now.

Emily is passionate about helping people who don’t know where to turn for legal guidance, so she decided to build a company that puts service and compassion back into Law. Ask A Lawyer Now provides accessible, affordable legal guidance when you need it.

Starting a web-based company was particularly appealing to Emily because she is a giant tech nerd. Emily loves all things tech and thoroughly enjoys biohacking. Emily discovered biohacking after a series of health struggles left her wanting more from traditional medicine and more from her life as a whole. Fun fact: Emily is one of the first 80 Certified Bulletproof Coaches in the world. Emily’s unique experience and knowledge makes her a sought after contributor and speaker. She explores how to be the person you want to be and to choose your Better Life. Exploring the challenges of a busy life – and finding joy and balance – while living a chosen life. Emily is a TEDx speaker and has been featured in various media outlets including, The Good Life Dr. Oz Magazine, Woman’s World Magazine, Bulletproof.com, Boss-Mom.com and BravoTv.com.

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