Leading expert in mental, spiritual and physical fitness with over 20 years of teaching and public speaking experience, Patricia Moreno has been a trailblazer in the wellness world for many years. Creating integrative practices, innovative workouts and empowering leader trainings, Patricia has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Patricia is committed to being a powerful force for positive change in the world, and continues to find revolutionary ways to uplift and motivate others to practice self-love, positivity and gratitude.

In an effort to end her own struggle with her weight, eating disorders and body image issues, she created her signature workout, the intenSati Method: a revolutionary concept that combines the power of positivity, high-energy cardio, mindfulness and meditation to help people unleash their inner warrior and become greater than they ever thought possible.

Her latest offering is the culmination of her years of work, study and practice; Sati365 synthesizes Patricia’s personal coaching program in the form of a self-study and practice program, centered around a daily morning practice including success principles such as meditation, visualization, goal setting, affirmations and movement to make every day the best day.

Patricia is an international speaker, inspiring worldwide at Google, Equinox, Nike, Reebok, and The Limited among other notable organizations.

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