Chris Kenney has been carving his own path ever since he was young. He is committed to disrupting the status quo to build a world in which we have the confidence to create our own rules reaching new personal heights.

What others find impossible, Chris has proven over-and-over again – with the right mindset you can create things that are none other than awe-inspiring. He has built several businesses to multiple six-figures within a couple of years – his most recent to $300k in it’s very first year. Without a website, blog, podcast, or social media presence. Yes, you read that right!

Chris believes that radical moves bring about radical results (period).

As someone who experienced being set apart for being ‘different’ most of his life, Chris originally worked very hard to fit in. Until he realized there was no real freedom in fitting in, and made a radical move of his own.

Today he is a sought-after Business Leverage Expert and Global Speaker, supporting ambitious business owners make radical shifts in their mindset, business and life to create rapid changes in finances, freedom, and enjoyment of life.

Chris firmly believes we all have within us exactly what we need to courageously pursue our deepest desires, tap our own potential, and show up with power and resilience. He is a passionate champion of authentic leadership as a path to empowerment and success.

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