Dr. Profeta is an Emergency Physician from St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. A clinical professor of Emergency Medicine at Indiana University and Marian University Schools of Medicine, he graduated from Indiana University and its school of Medicine. He did his post-graduate training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and is a dynamic and sought after public speaker and writer, frequent guest on TV and radio, and has gained critical acclaim for his essays and writings. These pieces have covered topics such as his eye-opening look at our national preparedness for influenza pandemics in What Scares Me Even More Than Ebola. In 2015 and again in 2016, he was named LinkedIn’s Top Voice for readership in health care. His scathingly sarcastic but passionate essay, Your Kid and My Kid Aren’t Playing in the Pros, was honored as one of best articles on sports in 2014 by the Society of Professional Journalism. His best selling book, The Patient in Room Nine Says He’s God, continues to earn critical acclaim as a poignant and passionate look at society, God and life through the eyes of an ER doctor. Dr. Profeta’s essay I Know You Love Me Now Let Me Die has been read more than five million times on LinkedIn, the Huffington Post and NPR and has sparked a whole new debate on end of life care. His 2017 essay on the heroin crisis in America entitled When the Lion Kills Your Child has become one of the most read essays ever on the subject of addiction. He has quickly become one of the most widely read and celebrated writers in the history of Linkedin.

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